Assign a Project to a Purchased Template? (SOLVED)

Hello. I’m very new to Webflow but I have quite a bit of web development experience (typical HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I created a free Webflow account and did a simple project, which was fun. Next, I added a site plan and later purchased a template (IndieGo). However, somehow I missed the part where I was supposed to select a project to apply it to. I have searched for a way to apply the template to my project which now has a site plan, but have not been able to figure it out. It almost seems like I need to cancel the site plan, and then reuse the template and create a new project and purchase a new site plan. Is that the case? Any help will be much appreciated! Happy Memorial Day weekend :slight_smile:

UPDATE: In the end, I did just what I described above: I canceled the hosting on the first project, deleted the first project, created a new project using the template, and the added hosting. Everything seems to be working fine now.

Hi Clint,

A Webflow template isn’t a theme, it’s a real template, a designed site that you have to add your content to, start to design from. So it can’t be chosen and applied to an existing site, like a theme on wordpress or drupal.

Webflow doesn’t have the notion of themes at all, so if you were used to try various templates on your wordpress site, that’s not something you can do with Webflow.

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