Assets Panel for Editors?

Hi there, is the asset panel not available for Editors? (Sorry I’m fairly new to the platform).

Ideally I’d like my client to be able to upload PDFs into the assets panel then link to them in the content? Actually looking at it again, how can an editor choose a file to link to? Currently it loosk like you can only link to URLs or pages / sections and emails?


Not yet. Assets added by collaborators through Edotir are CMS assets, they go directly in their content and they aren’t being stored as assets in the manager. If your client wants to add the same image on 10 posts, then he needs to upload it ten times. Not ideal, but surely not definitive. I haven’t heard of anything coming soon on that matter so don’t wait for it, just find the best way to work without it.

If you have high recurrency content, this is screaming “CMS” quite loudly. Why not have a collection of recurring pdfs, then link that collection to your post collection, allowing your collaborator in Editor to create a new PDF CMS Item, attach the file to it, then in each CMS post, link the appropriate recurring PDF from a dropdown list in the linked collection?