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Can I upload a PDF as a field in a collection?

I see how when you create a new link in the designer, you have the option of selecting a file and therefore uploading a pdf to associate with it.

Is this possible in collections? I would like a collection item to have a PDF associated with it that can be downloaded. But the closest Field Type I can find is Link, and it only allows you to manually enter a url, and I don’t know what the url of the PDF would be. I’d like it to be served from my assets on Webflow.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I figured out that if I upload the PDF, then look at the settings in the asset manager, it gives me a url I can use. I think that will solve my problems but is the link consistent? Meaning, will the url of that file ever change outside of me removing it?

They are working on implementing it with collections but as it stands you can find the url or any of your assets.

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No the file should always be at that location. It is the same way all of the images and other assets are hosted on webflow. That is their physical address.

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New problem, once I got that one solved. Since I have to upload and use the link, there is no way my client could use the “editor” to upload a pdf for a new item in the collection, or to modify one that already existed, correct?

correct, this new feature doesn’t work with editor yet. I am awaiting this implementation as well as performers I deal with constantly have to update their resume. My work around right now is drop box or google drive. Or some other hosting. It is in the works though. This pdf feature is brand new.

And no ballpark on release timing? I realize this is a new feature, I remember seeing the email. But the self-service aspect is what I’m after. How do you manage associating a person’s resume in DB or GD and your system, and how does the person update their document while maintaining the linkage? Just curious if there is some way. The S3 route is just very time consuming and I’d have to build a UI for the client to use, that’s just not in their budget.

Not that I know of. It is no small feat to add these options into the
platform. If you need the ability for clients to upload files themselves
then I would use a workaround for now.

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