As Content Editor, why can't I "Replace Attachment" on a Button that opens a PDF file?

I have several new Content Editors and I need them to replace the PDF files that open when buttons are pressed. See attached images.

While testing this out I realized that even though he has Publish capabilities, Webflow’s “Replace Attachment” functionality within the cog of a Button does not seem to work at all when in Editor mode. It only works in Designer mode. He can see the files that he wants to use, but he cannot actually select one and see it reflect in the Button settings.

I can see this written as functionality available to Content Editors (and they have Publish Access) in the docs.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Yep, it’s just not supported.
You’d have to ask Webflow support as to the “why”.

Some options;

  • Try using the CMS for the PDF storage, and connect your button to that PDF record for download
  • Store the PDFs externally… dropbox or Google Drive, and have the user update the link to them

Thank you for the response, @memetican! I may need to try out that alternate CMS option to see how streamlined it could be for them.

For Webflow Support, I would be curious as to why this isn’t supported and why there is no error handling. Very confusing and not an ideal user experience to make it appear functional.