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Are 301 redirect rule exceptions possible?

Is it possible to create exceptions when setting up full folder redirects using (.*) ?

I’m adding 301 redirects for a large site based on this article:

For one subfolder, I’d like to have a general rule affect all URLs in a subfolder, but to also add a different behavior for some specific URLs in that subfolder that might have a different slug.

For example, I add a general rule so that redirects to . Then, because there are some new slugs that do not match 100% with the old ones, I’d like to add a redirect specifically for those cases that overrides the generalized rule for that subfolder.

There are about 70 URLS so I’d prefer to automate as much as possible, that’s why a rule with exceptions sounds ideal. Is that possible?

If I simlpy add the rule and the specific redirect in webfow, the general rule overrides the specific redirect, regardless of which order I save them in.

Maybe it’s not possible, and the solution is to just use the old slugs and copy them onto the new site / simply add individual 301 for each of those 70 URLs. Thought I’d check with the community to be sure how to proceed.

Thank you for your help!

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