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Any way to upload 301 redirects?

Our company site has over 1000 redirects. Is there any way to possibly do this faster than manually entering them in?

Hi @cstpl123 welcome.

Thanks for sharing. I do need to make a correction to your post.

Currently there is no bulk upload / import feature for redirects in Webflow project settings. Would be nice to have.

Normally pattern matching will do the trick.

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As I convert more sites over from WordPress, it would be very handy to have a bulk 301 redirect system. I’m finding myself doing this manually far too often.

WordPress blogs are usually /blog-post-slug and the WordPress is always /post/blog-post-slug

Is there an easy way to redirect all those?
Am I missing something here?

Hi @webdev , do you mean using the folder redirect options described here: ?


@yaco - if you have a pattern that can be matched that would work. Hard to say without specifics.

Thanks @webdev , by pattern are you referring to the organization of the url paths structure? I’m fairly new to 301 redirects.

I’ve got basically two cases:

A) Category and Subcategory pages
At least couple dozen total category and subcategory
Some of these will ideally have a different name in the new website, as some of these groups were merged or split up.

They follow this structure:
The new structure is the same, with different names in some cases:

B) Products
The collection has over a thousand product pages

Right now most pages for redirection are set up like this:
Some urls on the old site have random numbers on them.

New site’s structure is similar:
Ideally, I’d like to use a new name for that “old” subfolder. This is not necessary, it’d just look better.

And if possible, I’d like to use just the product name as page name, and do away with the random numbers some of the old urls have. If this is not possible though, I can just use the exact same page name.

Can this be pattern matched? (sorry if it’s a nonsense question, again, new at this part!).

I have created a video tutorial showing how you can add over 1000 links in a few seconds! Hopefully it helps some of you, this was a nightmare for me!