Applying interaction to different objects on another page destroys the interaction?

What in the world is going on here?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and look at the flashing dots to see how the interaction is SUPPOSED to be working.

Then load up this project.

Note that the interaction is now doing nothing at all on the home page. That happened when I copy/pasted the element onto a different page (user home), and I turned on the interaction and had to point all of the steps at the “new” targets. Not only did that not work at all, and now all of the dots just fade out in unison and never turn back on, but it broke the interaction on the home page.

This is either a bug, or using an IX2 interaction on two separate pages should never, ever, ever have been shipped until this kind of thing does not happen.

Do I have to rebuild this interaction from scratch every single time I use it? If so, what in the world is the point of being able to select it and point it at a new object on a different page? Not that I should have to word it that way, as they are the SAME EXACT OBJECTS.

Hi @Cricitem

Thanks for the report. Have you tried using the option to affect “Class” elements instead of selected elements?


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