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How can I get a button to repeat it's initial click interaction each time it is pressed?

So I have 3 places on the home page of my WIP portfolio that bring up a contact form. A link in the navigation, a cta button in the hero section, and a button at the bottom of the page. Once one of these elements is clicked it displays the form exactly how I would like, and the close icon in the top right returns the modal to its original position.

The problem is once one of these items is clicked for the first time, the interaction does not fire again for any of them after that. I could see this being an issue if someone clicks one of the items, brings up the form, then decides they want to keep looking around and closes the form, only to not be able to open it again without reloading the page.

Any help solving this issue would be much appreciated!

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Hello, @Steven_H

The reason of the problem it easy to fix :slight_smile:

Your close interaction has a step “Display: none”, but open interaction doesn’t have a step “Display: block”. Add this as a 1st step to the open interaction and everything will work fine.


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