Interactions not applying to elements below the fold

I have a “scroll into view” slide up and reveal interaction on a series of images on my home page, and the interaction works for the top row of images but does not work for any of the images below. I have tried applying it to the image class, I have tried applying it individually to the trigger element on each image, I have even tried creating individual interactions and they all refuse to work on any of the images below the first row. Am I missing something? I have other “scroll into view” interactions that work fine on all elements in another page so I can’t work out what’s wrong :frowning: Any ideas?

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You need to apply/set the interaction/animation to each of the elements individually.
…and don’t set it to affect all elements with that class because then all will be animated at the same time, when only one or two that scroll into view should.

Yes I’ve tried that. I can copy and paste loads of other interactions and they all work, but this one doesn’t

Ok I think I’ve worked out what was wrong… I originally had the trigger set to affect the class, which was loading all the elements at once, just as @spirelli mentioned. Then I changed the trigger in the existing interaction to affect the element, but for some reason it seemed to corrupt the interaction and was still loading everything at once. So I created a new interaction affecting just the element and it worked. Can copy and paste it to others elements no problem. Thanks for your help @spirelli !