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Apply Interaction to new DOM Element

This question worried me a long time ago, and finally decided to ask for help to solve it.

Given: third party js carousel with infinite slides, Interaction applied to the slide (eg hover).

Question: How apply the Interaction to new DOM element (when scrolling the carousel, you can see that an Interaction is not applied to the repeating element)?

Please tell me how to make a check so that the Interaction works correctly for all elements.

Page “New DOM Element”:

@bro-design Thanks for providing the share link. I played around with your issue, but I was not able to find a solution. If you don’t find help here on the forum, I use this person on UpWork, and he can literally solve everything for a fair price, and he is super knowledgeable.

Hope you find what you are looking for :slight_smile:

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Why do you need a third-party slider instead of just using Webflow’s one? This slick slider has 800 issues and is not actively maintained anymore.

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This carousel have a option for vertical carousel sliding unlike Owl Carousel

Cause I need an adaptive centered carousel with sliding per one slide. Do you know any solution for do this?

Apart from these crutch)

Something like this perhaps?

Yes, I know this solution too, but problem is in infinite. First and last slides areas is empty.

My question is not only about carousel, I just know how apply an Interaction to new DOM element via custom code.