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Interactions not working with imported data

Hi guys, I am pulling data from Wikipedia API into webflow, I was able to display this data into webflow successfully but now I want to re-use interactions (animations) I created previously. If you go to this link:

And you put the mouse over the word you will see there is a hover state, and when you click the + icon it will show more information, but now if you use the search field and start typing you will see that it’s pulling data from Wikipedia, but I want to use the previous animation I explained. I am importing into the same div names and class names, but it’s not working, maybe it has to do with specific data-id-w that webflow uses?

Here is my read only link.

Thank you for your help:

Resolve the issues in the console. Otherwise, if any script causes an error, all scripts on the page will terminate.


Thanks @samliew I resolved all issues in the console, but the effects aren’t applied to my dynamic list, any idea? thanks again.

@samliew and this is how I am adding the divs in the custom code, I am adding the “data-w-id” that webflow creates when there is an interaction, maybe I have to do this other way?

I don’t think you can apply interactions to custom code

Thank you Samliew.

@cyberdave Dave, I would really appreciate if you can tell me if this is possible and maybe a general guideline so I can continue with this by myself. Thanks!

@waldo Can you please help me with this?

@francovg great question!

It looks like you’re adding extra data-w-id tags within your custom code. Those should actually get automatically injected and are not necessary.

Can you please try removing those data-w-id tags as they’re not needed.Just keep the classes the same in your custom code snippet (as those interactions fire based upon class names). That should do the trick, please let me know if you have any additional questions though. I’d be happy to duplicate the project and test on that element. I would like to request your permission to do so before I do that.

Super cool integration! :clap:

Hi @Waldo thanks for the time to reply. Yes I tried before removing the data-w-id tags, but no luck. I will be happy for you to duplicate the project, how can I do that?. Thanks!

Also, for the moment I am getting help to do the whole thing with custom code, but I really don’t want to rely on custom code, I would love to do all interactions within Webflow.