API Possibilities

Just trying to wrap my head around what is possible with the new Webflow API.
Could I create an event in Google Calendar and have it show up in an container using Zapier? Or upload a photo on Instagram and have a latest photo container update with that photo?

Thanks in advance!


short answer: yes.

long answer: yaaaaaaaaaaaas.


Haha, great! Thanks for your quick reply

I like the idea of an ongoing list outlining Webflow API possibilities/use cases! Nice.


Do note though that new items created with Zapier zaps have to be manually published currently. Everything that comes in via Zapier comes in with a default status of “Staged for Publish.”

Really sucks for creating dynamically updating sites.

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Agreed. Would love the auto-publish feature to be enabled sooner than later; apparently it’s going to require a substantive overhaul of their infrastructure. Fingers also crossed for adding images!

How did you hear this? Webflow needs to tell us this if that’s the case??? As it totally screws a lot of people, in fact I don’t even know why they released the API when there is no Auto Publish, what’s the point??

From @nathan back in December:

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