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API Limit to 60

Hi there,

I’m having problems working with the Webflow API. Hopefully you can help me with this.
I need to create a lot of collection items (around 150) for a client. I always get an error which basically says that I reached the limit of 60. Why is that so? I’m having the CMS Plan added to this project. As of what I now the limit is 2000.

Anyone having the same issue?
Thanks for helping out.


Hi Michael

The 60 limit you are likely running into is the rate limit for the number of API requests you can make per minute - not the number of CMS items you can have on your plan. The rate limit headers should provide information to your integration for when to throttle the rate of requests you are making to ensure you are staying inside of the rate limit.

More information on those headers can be found here:

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Hey Nathan,

Thanks for helping out on this and sorry for not answering earlier.
I’m not a pro with this stuff. How can I write my Code then? Always Checking the limit and if it’s reached let the script stop for a minute? Doesn’t sound like good solution.

Can you help me on this?
Thank you

Hello Michael, were you able to get an answer to your problem of 60 API’s per minute? We also have this problem and not sure if webflow CMS is the right solution for a page that has over 1000 products and thousands of customers. Hope we can get an answer from Nathan

Relevant information can be found in the following topic if it was overlooked.

I ended up using the bottleneck library syncing every night the collection.