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API integration discussion and opinions

hello outstanding community and webflow staff.

I would like to discuss with you one brainstorm process and if it is possible to realize it with

So in short words:
-We are planning to integrate planyo booking onto webflow template that i have created:
Basically this playno would be integrated onto few step booking form,but templates would be 1st exported than re imported,we would connect data stream onto specific elements and bind few pages into on that would have 5 step process.

So as we also plan to host with webflow as i rly like the fast editing and updating option that it provides,it troubles me as I have read on a few topics that API integration is sometimes not supported in webflow and was wondering if it would work in our project.

So hit discussion i am eager to hear recommendations and opinions from all of you.

Btw we have successfully integrated an iframe from our partner and gained control over custom styling which will do for now,but as the project is expected to grow really fast I would like to do the above mentioned.