API Call to update page content


We have completed and published out first site! Very exciting!

A Continuous Integration script publishes the compiled javascript to a CDN. Then I manually update the Webflow custom code and publish it to webflow’s staging for our QA team to test. Is there an API call or different setup I can use to make the update part of our CI pipeline?

One page on our site is an Angular 4 application that allows users to query our API and review product features. We have it working with the following setup:

There is a custom HTML Element with the Angular <app-root></app-root> code inserted. Then in the page settings, under custom code I have added 3 <script> tags that load the Angular 4 runtime, polyfill, and site code. It all works perfectly.

There is a continuous integration task that builds/tests/publishes the scripts to our CDN. The filenames have a unique hash (example: main.ccf7f1416b95c774e994.js) to help with proper caching.

Adding an API call to our CI pipeline would make the update of this site hands-off the development team and make updates faster and easier.

Thanks for you thoughts on this.

Hello Daniel,
Have you ever found a way to update your WebFlow site custom code using their API, or any workaround for that matter :slight_smile: ? I’m also trying to do the same thing.

No, Unfortunately. I have not dug into the issue any more as we have a workable solution with hand updating the script tags. I’ll keep you updated if/when I find more information. Please do the same.