Use Webflow CMS API in Webflow Custom Code

Is there a straight forward way to use the Webflow CMS Javascript API in Webflow Custom Code?

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For context, I’m trying to create a profile editing page. Currently I’ve got a page with a webflow form that auto-fills based on logged in user details (data coming from Firebase auth) (redirects to login page if user not logged in), then obviously submitting as a form should the user update it. I then have to manually update a CMS item with the user’s updated profile information.

Ideally the form should auto-fill based on a relevant collection item, if one exists for the user, and upon updating/creation it should create/update that collection item. I’d rather not use external databases/services to manage this hence the CMS API seems the logical way forward, however the official JS API appears to build for node.js whereas from my understanding I’d need vanilla JS via CDN to use in custom code?

Hi @reuben.smith , welcome to the forums!

Webflow’s API is not designed to be used from within a Webflow site. It is designed to be used on an external server / web app.

You can explore using Zapier which does provide integrations to the API from a variety of other products.

Hope this would helpful to you. Let us know if you have any followup questions!


Ah, no worries. Thanks anyway! I can get Zapier + Firebase methods working, just thought it might make sense to cut out the middlemen

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