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Form - Text Input autofill

Hey Guys,

Not so quick question:

How do I get an input field on a form to autofill with a value entered into a different form field earlier on in the form?

Eg: Question 1 - (text input) - Event start time
Eg: Question 2 - (text input) - Bartender start time

Each question is on it’s own slide page. I want question 2 to autofill with the input entered in question 1.

Some context:
I’m building a site on which Brand Reps can register an event online. This requires filling out and submitting a form containing 10 questions (relating to start time, setup time, end time, breakdown time, etc).

I know a third party service such as typeforms could make this a lot easier, but my client does not have the budget to pay the monthly subscription of Typeforms.

Pleeeeeeease advise as to how I can go about doing this or where I can find some resources to guide me through this.


Hi @RickusJacobs, if the form is in the same page but different slides, you can pull the value and place it on the next form. So something like this.

var eventStart = $('#event-start');
var bartenderStart = $('#bartender-start');

eventStart.change(function() {

Thanks a million! What a legend.

Will give it a go today.


Rickus ll/117395
This is great! Maybe equally not such a quick question to add to @RickusJacobs first question. lol What if you need an input field on a form to autofill with a value on a separate page and form?

Hey Domo, not sure if you still need this. But if you need to autofill from an input on another page, you can store the value in the localStorage or sessionStorage.