Website content jumps on load

Started making my own websites after watching 101/Portfolio/Freelancer courses and I’ve been getting this problem — the content of my website jumps on load in Safari.

It concerns all of the content, navigation included (I tried to hide that one, along with the hero section jump, with animation).

Here’s the website, linked to a page which is a good example of the issue Contact — try to refresh it and you’ll see that everything jumps. :slight_smile:

I have done some research and even a couple of websites on Webflow Showcase are afflicted by this. But others aren’t, so there must be a way.

I have checked for similar questions on the forum and the answers provided either don’t solve my problem or contain links with solutions that have expired. Please help!

Thank you very much

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Webflow Support helped me solve the issue. Turns out that the problem was the lazy load set on images — changed that and everything works perfectly now.