Anyone interested being in a Weekly YouTube series dedicated to Webflow News, designs, and tricks with me?

Post on this topic if you’re interested!

I want to geek out with you!


What topics will there be? :) Any hints on what would you like to speak about with your guests? :) Did you think about meeting a Webflow JavaScript Ninja? :D

Hum… i’m interested. what type of information you want to know?

sent you a skype contact request

do you have skype? If so, PM me your skype name =)

what topics ? structure of the discussion etc ??

webflow news, tips, tricks, and designs

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u know what i would love to see is how to do Tympanus Codrops effects using Webflow!

Also how to integrate certain jquery/javascipt code snippets into Webflow.

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Agree with @Amreet_Gill the things that inspire me the most in web is Tympanus Codrops…

I am interested as well… but I am not a super pro :smile:

ooo. ok. i think I’ll do that =)

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Hi Guys! i started this website, and i am also thinking of tutorials with Webflow,
if anybody want to join, let me know!

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Good start. But may I suggest two things.

  1. The user experience of the site seems all over the place. Might want to fix your colors

Thanks! its indeed a littlebit “Heavy” i have to find a nice GUI for a newswebsite with only 5 till 10 articles a week!
if there are any suggestions let me know!

@PixelGeek hopefully it is not too late, I am indeed.

Well, talk about an old topic being bumped.

Since I never saw this original post, is this the current ‘webflow’ youtube channel? Or did @PixelGeek create a different one?

This was for my own YouTube channel I had before I got hired. :smile:

I may start this up again in the near future


i have anyone time to do this together?

Im interested… what would this be centered mostly around? Maybe we can put together a webflow community team with weekly or monthly discussions?

I think it would be useful to have a kind of ‘discussion forum’ where you could have different people on to talk about changes and features and tricks. maybe have that format mixed with some regular tutorial type of thing would be of use to the community?