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Would anyone be interested in weekly design tutorials? Design community?

I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time - I even did a couple of takes the other month on how to design and build a basic landing page, going through the process of concept and design in Photoshop and then translating it to code.

Would any of you guys benefit from or be interested in this? I was thinking I could do a poll each week and base them around the most popular option.

It would be great to get others involved too and perhaps create some kind of community. I’m thinking quality content, nobody likes a half-baked potato.

This wouldn’t just be a case of ‘put this in here, put that over there’, I’d explain my thinking behind it and share from the experience that I’ve had as to why and how (I think) certain things work, etc. I could cover things like typography, colour, layout, form, creative brainstorming, idea testing and so on.

Let me know what you guys think anyway, I’d love to know.


That’s a cool idea. I support. :wink::blush::+1:

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I think it’s a great idea too.

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Please!!! I enjoy finding things out for myself but sometimes you need that input from the experienced people.

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Thank you for the feedback guys. Is there anything in particular that anyone would like to see?

I think it’s just the general thought behind how you create websites and their UI as well as introducing new tips on how to make Webflow workflow faster and easier.

I am very interested.

@VladimirVitaliyevich @PixelPanda @donski @lmcrav01

Just a quick update guys, I’m still on with this idea.

If anyone would like to get involved, please give me a shout.

Thanks for the support.


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I would love to get involved. My time is limited but would offer to help in anyway I can. @JoeMillion

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I would definitely enjoy this.

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It´s great idea. I totally support you.

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Yes! I am totally for this.

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Thank you for the feedback guys.

Has anyone got any suggestions for tutorials?

I especially like your idea about explaining the intuition behind the decisions. Here is my random starter list:

  1. Naming conventions
  2. Containers vs Div with % width
  3. Columns vs Flexbox (when one might be preferred over the other & why)
  4. Adding media to text area of collections
  5. Setting Parent and Child perspective (When, Why, Impacts)
  6. Setting elevations (When, Why, Impacts)
  7. When to use % width, when to use pixels
  8. Absolute, fixed, relative positioning (When, Why, Impacts)
  9. How to compensate for lack of iPad landscape breakpoint
  10. Tips for avoiding making accidental universal changes to styles when making local changes (besides just adding combo class). Maybe strategies for avoiding the need by specifying styles more effectively in advance? Padding and other spacing as well as positioning are the primary concerns.

And many thanks for considering this project!


@Marsha This Webflow Workshop should answer question 1: :wink:

@Marsha @rileyj_s @Erikhudec @MarkyMark @tim @lmcrav01 @donski @VladimirVitaliyevich @PixelPanda

Just an update to let you guys know that I’m finally working on the first tutorial… It’s quite a big one, that’s based on a client approaching you for a re-design of an existing website. It’ll cover various aspects of the design / development process and give more of a realistic insight into an actual scenario that you might encounter.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


looking forward to it @JoeMillion!

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Definitely a great idea! Look forward to it!

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A great idea - Count me in!

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@aaronocampo @Roxzfr

Thank you for the support :).