Anyone here using WF for their personal site?

So this is mainly for professional developers that sell websites to clients?
I really like the tools to do almost anything, and as I’m learning JavaScript I guess you can do absolutely anything with this? But I’m trying to figure out if I should build my personal site with my projects and home for all my resources here or Weebly. I think I prefer the freedom here over Weebly’s plugins. But if I choose Webflow I need to go with the CMS hosting plan right, because an blog post or gallery is a “CMS item”, and you can’t have any of those on the Basic plan?

Hi @aidenhall Welcome to the community!

Lots of designers and agencies are using Webflow for their own portfolio sites. Webflow isn’t just for client work, but for your own site and experimentation.

As for the CMS, yes. If you use the Dynamic Collections, you will need to add-on a CMS hosting subscription to the site when you’re ready to go live with it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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