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Anyone else having performance issues?

For the last week or so Webflow has been a bit choppy. Usually performs well for the first 30min of use then begins to slow down. Overall just a laggy experience. I’ve tried to troubleshoot on my end and test my connection. Doesn’t seem to be anything on my network or machine.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there something that you’ve done to fix this?

Thanks for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Here’s what’ll fix it:

  1. Make absolutely certain to turn off your internet security “Real Time Scanning”.
  2. Even if you add Chrome to the Exclusion list, it will still scan because the browser is pulling memory and the security program won’t allow for a setting to detect browser activity to stop.
    I tried that for hours. Finally just turned off real time scanner.
  3. Completely turn off any other programs that “Monitor”. Don’t just disable.
  4. I use Advanced System Care (it works really well) - and I turn it off every Webflow session I run.
  5. Try not to load multiple browser tabs - or multiple browsers at the time of a session. I even tried incognito, but the tabs still pulled resources.
  6. And definitely delete ALL browsing history upon finishing a session. It’ll remove the Webflow cookie but that’s okay, just login again.

I know it seems a little tedious, but these steps have increased my performance. And I’m running and I7, 16GB memory, with NVidia card… so this shouldn’t lag on one browser app. But it had a few issues until I did this…

Hope this helps :grin:

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Thanks for the advice – but that honestly seems a bit drastic just to be able to use Webflow. It really shouldn’t be sucking up so much of the computer’s resources.

I too have been having terrible performance issues that also started roughly a week or so ago. It has made it almost impossible to use Webflow! About a half hour after I start working, the screen starts freezing up and I keep getting continual warnings on my Mac that “This webpage is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.” Several times it has made the browser crash. I’ve been keeping a minimum of other programs open. This is becoming rather tedious and annoying. No other program or website I’ve been using recently has been causing this same behavior.

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True, I totally understand. Also, do a check analysis on your total system. Take a look at the resource allocation. Because I’m confident it’s going to be a few other programs that are clashing, it’s almost certain.

And remember, Webflow is giving major, major functionality inside the browser. I know we ask a lot from them, after coming from desktop/local design and development. But, man do they give a lot back. I believe if you keep searching you’ll find the conflict. :grinning:

Keep in touch if you need anything, I’m be glad to help. See ya!

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Thanks – I do appreciate your advice, and offer of help. I have the activity monitor open, and am hoping to find something that stands out…

From what I can tell so far, nothing is using much in the way of resources except for Webflow. The warning to close the browser window appears when the webflow web address starts using around 65% of CPU. Which is often.

Hi @CuriousChip,

Would you be able to provide the Read-Only of the project you’re experiencing this lag?

I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Some things that can be done now that will help:

  1. Delete any unused classes used on the site from the Style manager
  2. Delete any unused images from the asset manager
  3. Delete any unused page elements from pages
  4. Delete any unused Pages
  5. Delete unused Symbols
  6. Delete unused Collections

Also, the size and number of images play a big roll in site performance. So if you can, try to compress your images before upload so that the source images used in the designer do not have large file sizes.

Here is a good article you can reference around boosting performance:

I am having major performance issues for the last several days similar to what is described here. Can anyone help me? Every time I click on animation for the class “phone nav block 1” the designer freezes.

Here is the link to my site:

Hi @mistercreate. Belatedly, thanks for your response.

I hesitate to give the read-only because I’m building the site for an organization, and they would rather I didn’t share it online in progress.

  1. I have deleted unused classes, as much as I’ve been able to. Even though it says unused classes are cleared, I suspect there might be more. I might manually also go through them.

  2. I have repeatedly deleted unused images, only to have them reappear the next time I open the site – this is becoming maddening! And, yes, I save my work. This is plain weird.

  3. There are no pages there that aren’t going to be used. The finished site will have around 29 pages. Currently, only about 4 of them have any content, including the style guide.

  4. There are no unused symbols. The entire site has 4 different symbols, including navbar and footer.

  5. The site has no CMS/collections.

I compress the images in Photoshop. The Home page does have a slider. That said, this is a site I’m copying from one that was built with Muse, that had a similar slider with images that were bigger. Out of curiosity, I compared the current published site’s home page (made with Muse) with the Webflow staged site on Pingdom. The Muse published site did not perform very well – it got a score of 75. The Webflow published site site got a 95.

Within about 20 minutes of starting to work on the site in the designer, Safari starts giving me repeated warnings that I should close the browser window because the page is slowing down my Mac. It’s getting pretty tedious.

I don’t know if this will help you, but I thought I could share some personal observations.

I have a couple of MacBooks, and a few desktops. Not experiencing issues on any of them when designing for hours in Webflow.

Even my old war horse (MacBook Pro: 2013) makes the journey with no issues. I will say this, every machine I have has AT LEAST 16GB and SSD storage. I do use security software, but when in the design mode real time scanning is off.

The behavior you are having is very suspect. I would first isolate the browser, then background processes running on your machine. Take a look at CPU and memory usage.

I personally use Chrome Canary with zero extensions installed for Webflow work. Leaves me with a clean browser for that task. I am in the boonies but have a GB connection to the net, and no latency issues. DNS provided by Cloudflare.

Wish I could be more helpful.

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