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Any Webflow users from Toronto / Halton area in Canada?

Would be great to do a meetup with other Webflow users to get to know one another and share tips n’ tricks, anyone here from the Canada / Toronto - Halton Region (Mississauga / Oakville (this is me:) Burlington area?

I’d be willing to do a small meetup to get to know one another and share some stories and more.

If so, just hit me up with a PM or post below.

Coffee on me :wink:

Hey Webflow team, this may of been posted to the wrong Category, feel free to push it into the one you think it best fits in

thxs :wink:

Hi clickryan,

I’m in Toronto, but not on the west side. I’m new to this and it would be nice to meet up with other users. Are you ever in Central Toronto Area?

Hi Angela

I’ll connect to you via your Webflow profile email.

Yes, it would be nice to have a meetup in Toronto (bigger concentration of users, I’m sure!) so we can all meet each other and share tips n’ tricks.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Webflow!