Webflow Users in Canada

I’m curious how many Webflow users here are from Canada particularly in Calgary, Alberta area. Weblow is still not known here and in thinking of what’s good for the client, it’s good to have options for referrals or back-up in place in case I cannot handle their requests later on.

Some prospects are scared to jump into Webflow if options for post-launch support is limited unlike Wordpress. If you have thoughts on how you handle similar concerns, I’m happy to hear your thoughts!


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Off the top of my head I think @AlexN is Vancouver way, and @philippe right over the other side in Montreal…

I’m sure there are more out there!


For post-launch support, here are a couple of options:

Also, I think it would be really cool if you @AlexN @philippe created a Webflow Canada meetup :wink:

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