Transition effects when clicking to another page

Hi all!

I can’t figure out, or find a tutorial, on how to create a smooth transition of a new page load — when I click on a link to take me to another page.

So, from HOME page I click on a project and it takes me to that project’s page. I want that project page to fade in smoothly rather than just appear.

How can I accomplish that?


Hey @visualcravedesign,

Based on interactions 1.0 (legacy), this is how I setup smooth page load;

  1. pageload1

  2. pageload2

  3. pageload3

Otherwise, here’s a tutorial for Interactions 2.0

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@nwdsha sorry I am just now replying! I will try this thank you so much!

Thanks! @nwdsha
It helped a lot.

Thanks for all the images and thorough explanation. But how would you have it fade out when loading a new page take make it a transition when switching pages.