Any design/development firms using Webflow?

As the CMS features have been added, it’s really starting to become clear that Webflow is a serious design/development alternative to hand coding everything. I’m wondering if any small group (or even large group) design or development firms are using Webflow as their default design/development tool.

I’m also curious about the logos on the homepage. The homepage shows logos from Autodesk, Salesforce, MasterCard, etc., but there’s no explanation for this. Are they Webflow users? Clients? Partners?

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I think they are users and Webflow got permission to add their logos.

Heres an interesting case study, if you haven’t seen it:

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Im really pushing for webflow in the firm I work for. Ive successfully designed 2 whole sites in webflow for our company and it has been a huge success for us. Client feedback has been great…presenting a full working concepts really blows them away. Biggest hurdle for me is that we predominantly use bootstrap 3 & mura for our cms and as you know webflow doesn’t use bootstrap 3 frameworks so convincing some of the old hardline fossils isnt easy. Another hurdle ive faced is that our company is so intrenched in the adobe ecosystem its not funny.

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Agreed, there are some pretty great reasons to use Webflow.

I think they are users and Webflow got permission to add their logos.

Is there any more info about this? A lot of websites just slap on a ton of logos to increase perceived reputability. Not saying Webflow is doing this, but it would be nice to hear a response confirming it’s being used by teams at these places, including in what capacity it’s being used.

I have no idea :slight_smile: we’ll see if we get any answers about this.

I can confirm that the companies that have a logo on our website are companies that use Webflow for several different reasons.

But here is a good list of points written by @waldo :smile: These may help you next time you talk to a client:

I’ve managed to talk the vast majority of my clients into using Webflow with the following points:

Why use Webflow?

  • It’s way easier to update content visually than within the post/page maker in most wordpress themes
  • Speed to create things in Webflow has changed the game of site design/dev
  • Webflow hosts on a Tier 1 CDN, Amazon Cloudfront and Webflow guarantees 99.99% up-time
  • Security on Webflow CMS is great with an ISO 27018 compliance (aka privacy protection for all users, site visitors etc)
  • Webflow community is incredibly helpful and awesome to work with/challenge with questions/troubleshooting
  • Backups galore with Webflow
  • Ability to 100% customize right off the bat, or work from a template
  • It’s super easy to take a Webflow project that’s a year old… It makes your designer life easier, and gives you the abilitiy to say « Yes » to your client more often, or all the time.
  • Because Webflow :wink:

Common reasons clients want Wordpress?

  • Price sensitivity
  • They think it’s the best for their needs
  • They’ve used it before and don’t like change
  • Somebody told them to use wordpress
  • They don’t know any better

Why Not Wordpress?

  • Plugins will mess up your site eventually
  • Templates like to break with all the WP updates
  • Security threats on WP
  • Confusion in the back-end for clients
  • Installing a WP site requires knowledge, and time. And time for updates. And time for everything!
  • Setup and maintenance for WP are so much more expensive and technical than Webflow.
  • When you sell a WP site for not that expensive, you regret it a fex months later.
  • It’s hard to work again on a previous WP site

That list is constantly growing/evolving and is a collection put together by myself, @vincent, @sabanna and several other Webflow-ers’ :smiley: Feel free to send me additional points/combating thoughts/points.

I can speak to using Webflow very regularly, building pages which receive upwards of 100,000+ visitors per a week and the exported pages run beautifully in all browsers. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Waldo :slight_smile:


@mbrannon47 Also recently worked with @jaidenleach and Constantine Zavras on this site build in Webflow:

Was a ton of fun to build, and I had a great team to work with on it :slight_smile:

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