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Any advice to make this design?


As usual, I am trying to make a pretty complicated design I made in Webflow and I was wondering if it is possible with the current webflow functionality or if not if I can make it work with Javascript?

An example is like this:

Basically, a person can hover on the option on the right and the option will appear in big on the left, if no interaction is happening, I would like it to go to the next option automatically every 5 seconds or so.
It kind of reminds me of the Carousel options, but not sure if I can twist the current built-in carousel option to look like this, or do it completely from scratch with flexbox and connect everything to work with the interactions panel?

Did anyone make something similar to this and can give some tips?

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I’d say this would be pretty straightforward with interactions. Probably easier with grid than flexbox IMHO. The whole overlay could be a grid over the background image. From there, just hide/show on hover in the interactions. I’m not sure how to do the timed interaction :thinking:

Ye, I was thinking that would be easiest, the only problem as you stated are the timed interactions?

after page-load maybe? Not sure, I haven’t done that myself yet.