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Use mouse position to trigger images?

I’m not a professional web designer but like to do these things myself when possible. Webflow seems like a very viable option for me, powerful but also simple enough that I can learn myself.

I have had an idea for my personal portfolio website (photo/video) which I have been wanting to create for sometime now, and I’m hoping somebody can tell me if this is possible within Webflow and maybe point me in the right direction.

Basically I want to create a landing page where the mouse hover position would changing the landing image (fullscreen or nearly fullscreen image. So basically, when you land on a page you see only one large image. When you move the mouse it would ‘trigger’ or flip the image. So if you move the mouse slowly the images would be changing slowly, if you circled the mouse around the screen quickly they would change extremely fast. Does it make sense?

I’m guessing this would either involve having a sort of invisible grid, and programming 'if mouse is in sector A1 then display image A1, etc.

Or even better, if I could program that the image changes to the next in the queue with every ‘unit’ of mouse movement. This means I wouldn’t need to lay out all the images in a grid but rather just a simple list. The mouse movement just cycles through the queue of images.

Hoping somebody can at least tell me what tool I should be investigating or if this idea I have is going to be more trouble than it’s worth…

Thank you!

That’s possible using an invisible grid overlay (at least that’s one way I can think of) and each section triggers a bg change. However, the whole idea goes out the window on tablet and mobile :smiley: Desktop is up to 40% of your visitors, in general.

Also I wonder if you could achieve the same boldness/randomness while giving better control. I can imagine that it would be frustrating if you saw something you really liked for a flash, but you have no idea how to get that back