Another problem with Tabs

I have copied and pasted the exact same custom code (from the codepen below) into a standard Webflow tab bar but as you can see from the video, when I tab to any of the other tabs that aren’t the initial, the list doesn’t expand and collapse properly.

I have the exact same issue with another custom code inside of Webflow tabs. Please help me understand why custom code doesn’t work properly unless it is inside of the initial tab. If the list issue is resolved maybe I can apply the same practise to the other code snippets I have within Webflow tabs.

The code is inside of standard Webflow tabs so there shouldn’t be a need to look inside the read-only.

Is there no solution to the custom code Webflow tabs problem? I can’t be the only one with this issue.

well that is interesting.

Provide a share link so others can look at the internals of your site.