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Webflow Tabs and Custom Code

Hello All,

There seems to be an unresolved issue with the native Webflow Tabs. I have linked to a forum post I created a while back that provides insight into the problem but I want to ask the community if they have been able to find a work around for the problem.

The problem: Custom Code does not executed on load when not in the active tab.

Here is a demo of the problem I have set up:

The updateWidth(); function is supposed to fire on load but fails to executed when not in the active webflow tab.

How do you force all code to fire regardless of what tab it is in?

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Hi there,

I’m having a similar issue with height. Using a Shopify Buy Button, only the active tab loads auto height based on content. It’s driving me batty, did you come up with a solution?

I have hunted everywhere and your problem is the closest problem, but no answer.

Any solutions? I came across the same problem and it does not seem to exist a workaround