Annoying up arrow?

Hi everyone,

Just a quickie,

I’ve been working on my site today and noticed an up arrow at the top of my page and cant figure out how it got there or how to remove it. When i try to inspect it it (f12) it doesn’t even appear in the code.
It only appears after publishing to website -

Helllppppp please…

Hi Louise,

Your read-only link is not a read only link :frowning:

thats because i dont know how to post a read only link ----
the instructions to post a read only link are as clear as mud


but how do i get rid of that arrow???

I can’t really know without seeing the actual project.
I assume it is something to do with Font Awesome…

Thanks for that …

I went through the settings and noticed a font awesome icon in custom fonts and its now been deleted.
(i wanted to create a back to top icon but couldn’t get it to work)

The arrow still shows tho??



In the custom code of the page-
2nd row



Many thanks - This had me doing my nut lol


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