Arrow character not visible in Designer

I’m new to Webflow and I’m starting to make a design portfolio. I made a custom font to use in the portfolio, which has certain characters like the up arrow, which I want to use in a “back to top” button at the lower right of each page. I don’t want to use an svg arrow icon because I’ll eventually set up hover states that utilize the variable weight of the font to animate the text getting bolder for certain links/buttons.

When I copy the arrow character from another program and paste it into Webflow, the character doesn’t show up. When I copy and paste from, a “no glyph” filler character appears. I noticed that font awesome’s Unicode designation for the up arrow is f062, but in the font design software I use (Glyphs App), it’s 2191. Not sure if that matters.

I’ve done some research into encoding unicode characters, but none of the tutorials have made sense to me, so I’d rather not have to resort to custom code, if possible.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I have had this same issue. Arrow (font appropriate) appears correctly in Figma but pasted in Webflow it’s the Arial-like generic. Can’t get the Opentype character to transfer over in the correct font. Anyone have any insight?

Actually just found this other thread that deals with this issue: