Animations as new Webflow site

I wonder if the new Webflow landing page with animations is all done in Webflow?
I like to learn how to do the scrolling effects when a section stops and a horizontal scrolling starts and then continuing to next section.

Would love to hear from anyone:)

My best

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It looks like it is - there’s the ‘Made in Webflow’ badge and no disclaimer to say any % otherwise!

Same with the IX2 (Interactions 2.0) page and the Ecommerce page (bar the hero introduction with After Effects and Lottie)

Crazy powerful stuff!

For the vertical to horizontal scroll - have a look at @Aaron clonable site here:

And his blog tutorial here:

Also, looks like next week’s workshop with Nelson might be just what you are looking for:

every. single. one. :wink:

And yes, I’ll be live streaming a break down to some of the interactions used on the new homepage. Sign up now!