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Animation works when I push "play" but not when I load the page

I have animations with the “move” property. It works perfectly when I push play in the animation mode, but when its published or in preview mode it only animates the x-axis and not the y-axis.

here’s the site.

Hii @Peteroq, can you please help to share the site read-only link? It is a lot easier to see how an interaction is made, from the designer in read-only mode:

Also, when I looked on the published site, I see movement along both axis, can you take a screenshot or screencast of what is not working as you intended?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Dave!
Yes the the interaction on cursor working on both of the y and x-axis. But
the during the animation segment when the phone is landing the “glass” is
supposed to shoot up vertically too but it works only when I play the
animation “Shatter” isolated in preview mode. Not as a whole.


Peter Roquemore

Here is the read only link!

When the phone hits the “ground” the “glass shards” are supposed to explode diagonally up and out but instead they just come out with no vertical moverment.

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