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3d mouse hover effect

Hi guys, something weird is happening with my mouse moving effect. I put the perspective and then it’s rotating when I set the X and Y pixels but when I try to see this in preview mode, I can’t see any movement. The same in the published website.

Left block in the 2nd section, called “left block (reasons)”

Here is my public share link: Webflow - SECURA

As soon as you’ll have resolved the warnings, your interaction will work, you’re almost there.

Warnings are those yellow things:

Inspect those actions: any property that has been edited need to be edited in the other action of the pair. Edited fields appear in blue, and many of them are just zeroed. So alt/click the blue labels to reset the fields you’re not using.

for example the Y one at 0% has three blue label fields

but the one at 100% has only one:


So either you put 0 manually in the Y and Z fields of the last one, or you alt+click the labels of those fields in the first one.

The interaction needs to go from a state to another, and won’t work if there’s start or finish values that are missing.

Thank you so much Vincent! Now it’s working but for some reason it’s twitching when I rotate it on X. I removed other animations for this element but it still works weird. And on published website X rotating doesn’t work at all