Animation not working on a link block in the preset Navbar

if anyone can help is much appreciated.

I created a divblock to interact on hover in and out animation, in this divblock I have the blocklink that come with the preset navbar and under i placed a div of 2 px high to make the interaction.

Short story, the interaction (a line that go from left to the right on hover) does not work sometimes ( in hover out) if i get a hover in for an other block quickly, with the result that I have 2 blocks on hover on!!!

Most weird as the Navbar is a simbol, I pasted it in an other page and some of the blocks are not working at all with the animation triggered on it.

Post a screenshot maybe is going to be easier.

Any suggestions is appreciated.


hi @nicola_cuomo and welcome. The best you can do when you asking a help with your code is to share a read-only link to be able see your project from inside and be able identify where is a problem. Your issue most probably is not a bug, feel free to change request category.

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