Animations jerking/not respecting easing when hovering in

I have run into this problem with several animations across different site builds.

In the second section on the page, I have some featured services and when hovering, I have an animation that moves the text area up to reveal the “learn more” text. I have set the hover in animation to have an initial state and then a .4s ease-in movement. But whenever I preview the animation, the hover in effect jerks hard instead of doing a smooth ease-in animation. I can’t figure out what the problem is. The hover out animation, works just fine and respects the easing and timing.

Is this because the animation is within a link block? I have run into weird things when animating link blocks before.

Here is my public share link

Hi i

This was a super tricky one…

After searching form multiple bugs I Change the animation value from EM to px and it works…
And look for confilcts in over states in the elements too. I remove them in the process…

Have fun.