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My contact pop up cant be reopened for some reason

if you could help me with a second issue, ill post about it as well. I have a pop up contact form that appears after opening the menu and after clicking “contact us” however once i exit out of the contact menu, i cannot reopen it and trying to reopen it causes the menu to freeze and lock up in place.

Also I have another post on here with a current issue. My fixed nav that appears as a scroll works fine, however once i open it and start scrolling again, the close icon disappears. I think its because its reverting back to the original color of white, but im not sure how to directly animate a item post animation on another animation, if that makes sense.

Here is my public share link: **Link: [Webflow - Top Pro Motorsports]

This looks to be caused by the difference in how you’re triggering the open and close interactions, as the open changes the display of the contact-pop-up element and the opacity of the Container 26 element—while the close changes the opacity and display of the contact-pop-up element alone:



When you close the contact form, your giving the contact-pop-up element a 0 opacity that’s not being reverted when it’s opened up the second time. That means it doesn’t appear to show up, but it’s actually just displaying with no opacity.

It’s always a good idea to reverse the steps on open/close interactions to ensure your reversing only the styles that are enabled when the interaction is triggered for a second time :+1: