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I’m quite new to the entire ‘website-making-industry’, so I was wondering if anybody could help me out. I’d love to have an animation on my front page with the letters. It’s quite difficult to explain what I want exactly, but here it goes:

So there’s the main text on the frontpage, for example:

"Create your … "

And on the dotted line I want to have different words every 2-3 seconds. With the blinking line you see when you type. So I want to see the blinking line delete the first word and type in a new word every few seconds.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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Hello @cecilevdwaal! First of all, welcome to Webflow community :smiley:

About effect that you want, I think this example+tutorial could help you

Only thing I am not sure about - blinking cursor. But probably Githab documentation has information how to activate that option.


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Hi @sabanna, thank you so much! It worked :slight_smile:

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Always welcome :smiley:

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