Recreate this typewriter effect


I would like to redo this “typewriter effect” as seen on the website below:

I have tried to play with the interactions effects but I have not been able to do anything close to that.

Thanks for your help

Hi Etienne,

Never tried these types of effects in Webflow but there are quite a few tutorials on the internet for these kinds of things and just using CSS animation too.

A couple I’ve found are :

They’re not exactly what you’re after (animate from a different side) but are very good none the less.

Hope that helps a bit.

Best wishes,


Hey thanks for your answer. Actually I used this tutorial and it works fine now :

Ah yes, typed.js. That was another one I found but didn’t link to only because I was keeping them as pure CSS versions.

That is a great little library though yes.

Glad you have it all working now. Good luck with your site.

Best wishes,


Thanks. I still wonder what’s the code to erase the first sentence and re-write one or 2 others on top (actually deleting the end of the sentence by highlighting it as we do on a normal typewriter and then adding a new ending).

If anyone has programming skills and know how to do that, it would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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