Text Animation at Hero Section

Hello everyone!

I’m new to Webflow and also web design, need some help and advice from you all.
I’m trying to create this text animation on my webflow page. How do I go about doing it? Has someone else already done it before that I can refer to in a webflow example?


Thank you for your time.

You can do this by making a div wrapper around your text to overflow hidden. Then doing a loop interaction to move the text box inside the wrapper div.


Hi @Lex_Na_Wei_Ming,
Welcome to webflow! A wonderful sandbox for everyone creative :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this effect done before …
But not to worry. I’ve quickly built it for you.

Take a look!



Hello Karl,

Wow that’s fast. It’s really nice. How do you do it via Webflow? :s


I guess there are many ways to accomplish this. I didn’t give it much thought and just built it.

The way I’ve built it, you would need copy and paste the contents and the interaction and tweak the up/down movements for other viewports. Or, if that is good enough for you, you can find a size that works on mobile devices and built it there first, so it will work everywhere.

Let me know when you need help.

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