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Animated variable fonts in Webflow

I have been trying to build a variable font animation within Webflow but I seem to fail time after time. If you succeeded creating something similar to what is shown on the website below, please help me out.

Thank you

Here is the effect im looking to create:
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Hi @Salomon_Gil! Any luck finding a solution to your problem ? I’m also struggling trying to achieve a similar effect, any tips would be awesome.

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@vincent Do you know how we can achieve this in webflow?

Variable fonts are supported in most browsers.

And that’s it, that’s everything I know.

Try to add a variable font, use custom code to set its styles for default and, say, hover, define a transition in Webflow UI and see from there.

As to properly animating them I don’t know yet, they would have to be supported by Webflow and by Webflow IX.

Go to the wishlist and add an idea!

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