Variable Font integration with custom code?

I want to use variable fonts to have more precise control over typography.

Have you seen any articles or posts about custom VF integration into Webflow projects? I’ve been googling but I can’t find anything concrete.

Oh, and to be clear, I’m just talking about static typography, not animations. I’ve found a few examples for that.

Hello @sveinbjorn, so you can absolutely add variable fonts on your projects, either from google fonts or direct upload as long as it is in a format supported by Webflow. Once it is on your project you can access to the font on the designer, from there, and depending on what you want to do with the variable font, you will have to add custom css code to manipulate the different options of the font. I hope this helps.

I haven’t figured out the custom code part yet. I tried banging together bits of code from VF tuts and placing it where it seemed to need to go, but nothing worked.

could you point me in the right direction?

Hey @sveinbjorn this cloneable will put you in the right direction Variable Font Interactions - Webflow
I hope it helps!