Animated grid layout possible in Webflow?

I just ran accross this sweet animated grid layout: Grid Item Animation Layout - Demo 1

I’ve been brainstorming how this might be possible in Webflow. So far I’ve been able to replicate the initial grid, but I’m not sure how to create the click interaction and then display the secondary content.

Any ideas? Would the secondary content be a hidden div that displays with an interaction? If so, is it possible to pull in this many pieces of content outside the collection template?

Nice one, but I can tell you, it will be very complicated.
I was able to do something like this only with 3 columns:

Very nice! I’ll have to go in there and see how you did that! :slight_smile:

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Problem that interaction works bad with % measurements if you change width/height. But maybe you will find some new ideas :wink:

Hopefully! :smiley: Worst case scenario maybe the upcoming modal feature will present an alternative. I’ll dig into your example and see what ideas start flowing!

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