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I want a template that does this

Look at the webflow support page. See the top right corner? I LOVE that photo layer. Does anyone know if that is available as a template? Or something very similar?

I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything like that to clone but it’s a fairly straightforward effect if you feel up to creating it yourself.

The basic idea is placing your grid of images within a div with overflow: hidden and then use interactions to translate that group along with scroll position—this will “reveal” the other images as you move down the page.

There are lots of ways to go about making a grid, but if you don’t mind “cheating” (or you don’t need the images to be oriented in any different layout) you can just use a single image that looks like it’s made up of a bunch of individual images.

The Webflow University has some great lessons on Interactions, and I’m sure you find a number of threads around here that cover different methods for creating a grid—my personal favorite is using columns which doesn’t require any custom code.

I recommend giving it a try yourself but if you hit any roadblocks just include your read-only link with the structure you’ve started with and I’d be happy to help get you the rest of the way there :+1:

Thank you. I am a Webflow n00b. But I’m playing with things and trying to figure it all out. I will put this on my to do list and look you up if I just can’t get it.

The amount of help documentation out there for Webflow is crazy, especially for things like this. Just take things slow and ask questions if you need to and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out!