Anchor Text Best Practices

When running an audit, SEMrush says that X pages don’t have anchor text, then it provides the link URL that apparently doesn’t have anchor text, but it does.

There are clearly text links on the page, that link out to a link, whether internal or external pages.

There are also images, that are links as well.

My question is, is there anything we can do whether it’s in the “Page ID” settings or the “Custom Attributes” Settings that would help solve this?

Should we not be using the “Page” option on link settings, and be using the “URL” option instead?

Hey @casen

I wouldn’t necessarily trust SEMrush’s tool to be void of bugs or mistakes. If your links do contain text in the source code, you should be fine.

Alternatively you can also test with other tools like the chromium build-in lighthouse tool to verify SEM’s findings. Maybe check all link block elements on your page for accessibility too!

Maybe SEMrush only checks for innerText of anchor tags but not it’s children?
Never heard or used this tool, no I can’t know :slight_smile:

Usually lighthouse is the best tool for evaluating your site (always use private tab or incognito, so browser extensions can’t interfere)

unrelated: I think that businesses that exist for seo optimization are long dead and unnecessary