Anchor Menu Trouble

I am having trouble setting up a floating anchor menu that, as you scroll, flips through the links to show the active year that the page is currently at. For example, if I scroll down the page to the year 1998, 1998 is white in the nav menu until I scroll to the next or previous year, in which case that next link turns white and the other turns back to blue. Somehow, this is kind of happening, but with a color I didn’t even set. If you look closely, the color changes by just a few shades of blue.

The page in question is called “Past Concerts”.

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I am having trouble finding exactly what it is that is causing the color change at all. Is it is a scroll into view trigger on the elements?

I seem to have a knack for finding bugs/unexplainables in Webflow. It’s like I’m a magnet for them. Perhaps this is a bug issue. The scroll trigger was added after I was already having these issues.

Well, I figured out the issue! Just remove the “Focused” styling on the anchor links and instead click the link that has the “Current” state attached and change the font color on that one to white. Should give the result you’re looking for!

Like this:


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Sweet! You’re a lifesaver, man! This feels like a design flaw in the style panel. See, I can’t access the “Current” selector if I don’t have one of the links set to the page I’m already on. I managed to get it to work with your instructions, but is there a way to access it without changing the link?

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I don’t think there is a way to access the “Current” selector without actually selecting what it is you are changing. I think they do this because the current selector also applies to things like tab links so it wouldn’t be practical to make it a global selector. But I am glad it worked!