Anchor link in fixed navbar - remove underline

I have a fixed nav bar at the top that links to different sections on the page using anchors. I noticed that when the page scrolls to a different section, the current section’s nav link will get an underline indicating the current section. I want to change that to have different color text for the current section and no underline. I’ve tried changing the link attributes for ‘focused’ to remove the underline and change the color but it doesn’t take effect; the current section still has the underline and no color change. Any ideas on where the underline is coming from and how I can style the current section link?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Joe,

With the nav link selected, remove the underlined text formatting and change the colour to yellow as indicated here:

If you want different colours for each current state, I would suggest making a combo class for each nav link and then select your desired colour.

Hope this solves your issue :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s what I was missing! I was changing the style for Nav Link Focused when it should’ve been on Nav Link Current! I just scrolled down to where it activated the Current state and changed the settings there and we’re all good now. Thank you!