Anchor links to another page fail in safari

Hello there!

I have an issue with anchor links to another page in Safari:

If one clicks the buttons
> postkarten
> plakate
> kunstblätter
> ablageboard
you jump to a page with 4 sections (anchors).

With Safari on Mac the correct spot is not found, it always ends up somewhere on the page. With Chrome, Firefox (both Mac and PC) it works fine, every section is targeted correctly.

Any ideas how this could be solved?
Thanks a lot for thinking with me :wink:

I’m using htaccess to redirect my url from mydomaincom/index.php to mydomaincom/ and found that my nav didn’t work in Safari since my href addresses where index.php#value and Safari v5 wouldn’t carry over the anchor links.

Rather than turn off my redirect I just changed the urls to point to mydomaincom/#value. Not only did this work great for all browsers but it also made my page quicker (not yet sure how but will search this now :))