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I’m building a website that blends anchor links on a main page as well as regular pages. While I was initially developing the site, the anchor links would work very well on all devices, but since I posted it on a custom domain yesterday, I’m facing a strange issue. Whenever I click on a link in the nav, instead of going to the anchor, every browser (mobile included) refreshes the page, then scrolls to the anchor link.

Of course, as I’m using both anchor links and regular /pages, I can’t just use #anchors in the nav to fix the issue.

The website is

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi @cedrickm have you tried the following, just linking to the section instead via Webflow anchor links?

Yes. The anchor links work fine on the main page - to which they refer to - but they don’t work when on different pages. (/contact for example).

if you linking to section instead, then all anchor links in code page must be look like href="#id" and page don’t refresh every time link clicked.

You have to use 2 different menus. In Main page use linking to section, in Contact page use direct links like /#id

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Thanks @goodok21 ! I wish that I could’ve kept one symbol for the nav across the whole site, but at least the anchor links work fine.

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